Home Birth

Why Choose A Home Birth?

After all these years, we still love the magic, simplicity and beauty of home birth and love helping families have the births they desire.   Laboring in your own home is usually a peaceful, private and safe experience aided by all the comforts of your home.  Many women feel stronger, more supported and less inhibited at home, moving freely and tuning in to the wisdom of their bodies.  Many women, especially first time moms, enjoy early labor alone or with their partner, eating their own food and resting in their own beds.  We stay in contact with laboring women during this time either through phone calls or by home visits.  Continuous care during your birth usually begins early in active labor and includes the emotional and clinical support of two midwives. Though we carefully monitor the health and well-being of mama and baby, our clinical presence at births is usually hands off, intervening only as necessary or requested.

A Professional Touch

As CPMs (Certified Professional Midwife), we strive to create a calm, peaceful, environment for labor and birth, keeping lights and voices low and avoiding unnecessary and intrusive medical routines during your home birth.  We focus on the prevention of issues through low-tech monitoring, maternal hydration, nutrition, and rest. While prevention is our primary strategy, we are prepared to respond appropriately should any complications arise.

In-Home Postpartum Care

After your home birth we stay with the family until everyone is stable and tucked in - usually 3 or 4 hours. During this time we help to establish breastfeeding, clean up the house and make sure mom is nourished.  We discuss postpartum care for mom and baby.  We return to check on mom and baby within 24-36 hours and again two more times during the first week.   During the postpartum weeks we are always available by phone if any questions or problems arise.

For more details on our care from your first prenatal visit to after the birth of your baby, please visit our ‘Midwifery Care’ page.

Home Birth Fees

Susan and Linsey provide home birth services to families in Missouri that live within an hour from office.  Fees for home birth services are $3000. Discounts are available to women who qualify for Medicaid and other special circumstances.  For families wishing to have services paid by their health insurance, we will assist you in billing them after the birth for reimbursement of your care.