About the Midwives

Linsey Kornya

Linsey Kornya

Linsey Kornya, CPM

After the birth of my first son over 10 years ago, and just a block away from our office in South City, I felt the calling to midwifery.  Since then, I have attended over 300 births and have been a midwife serving St. Louis families since 2009.  I loved giving birth (pregnancy not so much!), and was transformed by my first powerful birth experience.  As a nervous, young, first time mother, this empowering birth experience helped ease my transition to parenthood.  I am incredibly honored to have the chance to help other women birth at home, on their terms.

It is my passion to support families through gentle, individualized midwifery care.  I am dedicated to combining the art of midwifery with evidence-based-medicine.  Witnessing and supporting the hard, beautiful and private work it takes to bring new life to the world is an honor and responsibility I take very seriously.  I have a passion for physiological, out-of-hospital birth and believe that home birth can be safe, beautiful, empowering and sometimes even transformative.  I also love supporting clients through the first tender weeks postpartum and helping every family transition to their new normal as smoothly as possible. 

Before combining practices with Susan Mickley, I worked in private practice for several years (River City Birth Midwifery Services).  I am very excited to be working in a team with Susan.  We bring complementary strengths to midwifery care, providing clients with a safer experience while preserving the continuity of care I loved in a solo practice. 

Email me or call 314-677-9998 to schedule a consultation, I would love to get to know you and learn more about your goals for your pregnancy and birth. 


Susan Mickley

Susan Mickley

Susan Mickley, CPM

My journey to midwifery began with my first pregnancy.  I had worked as a nurse in the hospital for over 10 years yet I never felt that pregnancy was a condition that needed to be treated like an illness.  I desired a more natural and physiological approach to my pregnancy and birth and planned a homebirth with a midwife.  After forming that relationship with my midwife, I began training with her and have been serving families choosing out of hospital birth since.

My pregnancies and births been challenging, but I have learned and grown from each of them, becoming a stronger woman and a more compassionate midwife.   I am passionate about supporting clients experiencing both easy pregnancies and complications, believing that every family deserves a safe, empowering birth. 

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