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May 2017-

Hello clients and friends. Susan and I have some big news, and there just isn't an easy way to say it. This fall we will be closing our practice. I am moving to Richmond, Virginia to be closer to our family. I have accepted a job there working at Embrace Birth Center with another Missouri transplant, Corina Hossle. After weeks of deliberation, Susan has decided that what works best for her and her family is to go back to the regular schedule of hospital work.

We cannot... begin to express how sad we are to leave our amazing clients, community and colleagues. Between us we have helped welcome around 400 babies in the St. Louis area. I remember each and every birth like it happened yesterday, and seeing your sweet babies grow brings me incredible joy. We have helped families with 2, 3, 4 and even 5 births! We love driving around and pointing out homes and neighborhoods to each other where we have met new babies and seen families grow. You guys, this is so hard.

When I began as an apprentice and then brand new midwife in St. Louis, direct entry midwifery was illegal and there were only two CNMs catching babies at area hospitals. Ten years later I cannot believe how much has changed! CPMs are legal and homebirth practices have proliferated! St. Louis boasts two new, large CNM run birth centers and wonderful CNMs are catching babies at MoBap, St. Mary's and more. Collaboration between CPMs and hospital based practices has increased safety and options for everyone. We are especially grateful for all the help and welcome our clients have received over the years from SLUcare and St. Mary's. So much has improved for families and babies; I am so proud of our community and so grateful and humbled to have played a small role. I know we are leaving you all with amazing options for future babies.

For our beloved repeats who are still growing their families, we encourage you to contact us personally to talk about options and referrals. We love and will miss you all. If you are on instagram, follow me so I can find you and pictures of your sweet families. #scatteredseedstl

Feel free to message us with questions.

Linsey and Susan